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For 20 years now through PATA, the Pan American Travel Association, we have been issuing IDL's or more correctly IDP's - International Driving Permits.  These driving licenses are honored in over 180 countries in all corners of the world including almost all countries in  USA, Europe, Asia,  South, Central America, Australia.


One of the few stipulations of use of an IDL is they cannot be used in the country where they are ISSUED.  Our's are issued from a small remote country in Central America so if you are from anywhere else in the world except this one small country, YOU CAN USE IT in your HOME country plus +180 other countries with legality.


Other way of saying this if you are from the USA and have the AAA issue you an IDL you cannot use it in the USA but can use it in the +180 other countries that honor them. So the best bet is get it issued from anywhere but your home country.


Besides using your IDL for driving legally worldwide, it can be used in many places as identification and other clever uses.


For full details and simple application Click Here


Here is the best $2 information you've ever bought! The Greatest Money Saving Info you can get for Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii.

Our #1 place: USD $1 pints of beer and +100 small food stalls; Asia type eating places is. . .

1. SHIROKIYA — 450 Ala Moana Blvd Ste 1360 Honolulu, HI 96814.
In  the Ala Moana shopping center ground floor on the west end of the largest shopping center in the Pacific. • Phone number: (808) 973-9111   • Business website: shirokiya.com

By far the best deal in the Waikiki area. 20 minute walk from mid Waikiki or a simple 15 minute bus ride to Ala Moana shopping center.



2. KINGS PUB — Address: 444 Niu St, Honolulu, HI 968i5,

Hours: 9am -⋅Closes 2AM, Phone: (808) 949-1616. Located in basement of the Monarch Hotel

Local place that has a power hour each day from 5-6 PM where a beer, PBR, or any well drinks Like rum and coke are $1.00 plus you can buy pieces of pizza for $1.00 a slice. Price rise by $1.00 after 6 PM. One of my personal favorites. It’s a real local different but safe place.


3.WAIKIKI TAVERN — This is a talk story bar that has been around for +40 years with one name or another. They have Monday thru Sundays specials on drinks all at low prices for Waikiki. Beer and drinks average $3.50. BUT their best deal in food in Waikiki is on Taco Tuesday and Pulled Pork Wednesday. My opinion is their tacos on Tuesday at $1.25 a piece is the best tasting taco in the central Pacific and by far the best priced Tacos you can get in Hawaii. Their Hawaiian pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw at US $3.75 is great at 1/3 the cost of restaurants in Waikiki.





4. KELLY O’NEALS, 311 Lewers St, Honolulu, Oahu, HI 96815, phone: 1-808-9261777. An Irish pub that has music after 5PM, Best happy hour in Waikiki starting at 11 AM to 8PM. Plus the longest working bartender in Waikiki, BONO, who will take care of you. Just tell him you’re a friend of Singaporegene’s. Beer and well drinks average $3.50. They also have a Tex-Mex menu from a little hole in the wall restaurant across the street. You order in- bar and the food is delivered to you at the bar or tables. Soon they will have a great priced sandwich menu made in-house.





5. LOCO’s in the Sand Villa Hotel. 2375 Ala Wai BLVD Honolulu, Hawaii in the Waikiki Sand Villa Hotel. This was for years known as the Sand Bar and still known by the locals as that, even though they changed their name to Loco’s. It is my local 5-7 PM watering hole. It is filled with local Haoles and local Hawaiians. Very friendly place. Drinks at happy hour from 4-7 , 10-12 and 2 to close are very reasonable. Well drinks and beer are around $3.50 per drink. They have an extensive food menu but my favorite for the $7.00 cost is the Kalbi sliced beef . Add a $ 1.00 or so and have rice with it. Hell, you might even meet Singaporegene there as he goes there most nights.





6. Cuckoo Coconuts - 333 Royal Hawaiian Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815. This is the only Tiki bar still locate in Waikiki. A real fun place where you can party with people from around the world and the locals. They have music of the 60-80’s every day of the week. No cover. They also have beers and drinks at $4.95 and special hollowed pineapple drinks and coconut shell drinks that will knock you out for about $10.00. Have GREAT food at very reasonable prices for Waikiki. Again, I stop here 3-4 times a week. Tell Rick, the owner, that Singaporegene sent you. He might even make your drink a bit heavy.


They have a sister bar/restaurant called the Lava Tube located located on Kuhio Avenue a few blocks Diamond Head from Cuckoo Coconuts. It has a slightly different atmosphere, but no live music but coy tables and bar. Best valued breakfast in town at $4.95 compare to the 12.95 hotel breakfast. Sasha and Abbey are two personable and great Bartenders serving up the drinks at reasonable prices. Tell them PhuketGene recommended them.



7. SUZI WONG’S HIDEAWAY - 1913 Dudiot Ln, Honolulu, Waikiki, HI 96815, Phone number (808) 945-2337. This bar has been around for generations and has been home to locals, tourists, hookers on time out. It goes from EARLY mornings to late into the next morning. A weird but great place. Their best seller is 18 ounce beers in a chilled big mug at $3.95.





8. BACCHUS WAIKIKI. For all our gay, bi and gay-friendly people,Waikiki saw the opening of its first gay bar in many years when this cool little second-floor bar opened just off Kuhio Avenue in 2011. Bacchus Waikiki (408 Lewers St., at corner of Kuhio Ave., 808-926-4167) serves a nice mix of basic and top-shelf drinks, including a nice range of wines and several good beers. There's a compact main room, a smaller little side seating area that's a perfect spot to hold court with a few friends, and a narrow outside balcony and railing overlooking the street below. Other gay nightspots like Fusion, LoJax, and In Between are within a couple of blocks, and there's a nice Thai restaurant adjacent to Bacchus. The crowd at this bar opened partly by San Francisco's popular 440 Castro is fairly mixed, drawing locals and tourists, a fair number of women as well as men, and an all-ages bunch.



Even the most skeptical will have to admit for your $2.00 you get real money savings plus hours of local relationships and fun. Tell all your friends about our site. Make them spend the $2.00 and not use the material you purchased for we update from time to time with the newest info.

Now some $2.00 Waikiki Tourist FREE bonus material where we will give you a few tips outside of food and drink that will save you boo koo bucks as a tourist while in Waikiki and beyond.


Here we go:


  1. The best bargain for tourists is THE BUS. It is a great service that can get you anywhere on the Island. Cost is $2.75 one way or the best bargain is US$5.50 which lets you ride for a full day as many places as you want in any direction and return. There is also a $1 fare for people age 65 and above. You need to have a medicare card or other age proof card for some bus drivers will ask for it. You cab find routes on line or ask a bus driver or ask someone at a bus stop or get on line at TheBus.com
  2. Try to pass as a Kamaaina (local person) when buying events, tours sailings , etc. Always for the Kamaaina rate. Many times they won’t require proof of state residency if you look and act the part. If that fails you can ask for the repeat customer rate. Sailing cruises and other place give a repeat customer discount if asked.
  3. Get the free booklet 101 THINGS TO DO in the stands found on many street corners. It has everything to do on Oahu including Waikiki with special coupon discounts given.
  4. Get also the booklets booklets THIS WEEK OAHU. It has many discount coupons. Also there is a Oahu Coupon Book, pocket size about 4”x5” that has many restaurant coupons and transportation coupons -airport delivery and pick up coupons. and transportation to sites around the island. Look for it on the tourist publications found on many street corners.
  5. Want T-Shirts of high quality in all sizes from small through XXXL that would normally cost you about $20 each. Buy Hawaii Promo tees — all have Hawaiian scenes. One store in Hawaii located on Lewers street across from Kelly O’Neal’s Irish bar and they are priced at 8 FOR $20. Great for gifts. Some other stores sell the same promo tees but at only 3 to 6 per $20. The name of the 8 for $20 store is Ohana’s Gift Outlet.





Free (or Almost Free) Ways to Enjoy Waikiki


As a bonus to The TWO DOLLAR WAIKIKI TOURIST we offer this bonus report for everyone, partiers, families, singles couples, etc. Free or Almost Free things to do in Waikiki. While the paid attractions and activities in Waikiki are some of the best in the state, there are a variety of experiences that won't cost you a dime. The following list provides suggestions on things to do for free in and around Waikiki, Oahu.


  1. HONOLULU LAWN BOWLS - This is the only lawn bowling club in the state of Hawaii. They have free lesson for newbies on Saturday at 9:30 AM and players of every rank are invited to play Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday starting at 10 AM SHARP for a very reasonable donation. Come about 15 minutes early. All equipment provided. Located next to the tennis courts at McCoy Pavilion in Ala Moana Beach Park across from the Ala Moana Mall
  2. Entertainment at Kapi'olani Park - This beautiful 500-acre park, created by King David Kalakaua in the 1870s, is listed on the State's Historic Register as many of its exceptional trees are more than 100 years old. The park is host to a number of festivals throughout the year. The Kapi'olani Bandstand features a variety of free entertainment, including regular Sunday afternoon performances by the Royal Hawaiian Band. There is also PICKLEBALL for free at the Kapiolani Tennis Club
  3. Hawaiian Culture — a cultural enlightenment - Many of the hotels and resorts in Waikiki offer complimentary cultural programs for guests where they can learn to string a lei, play the 'ukulele, or dance the hula. These experiences also extend into many children's programs as well. The Royal Hawaiian Center has an extensive schedule of free cultural activities every day of the week.Mana Hawaii a wonderful Hawaiian store on the 2nd level of Waikiki Beach Walk offers lei making classes, Hawaiian language lessons, hula lessons for children and parents too, 'ukulele classes and Hawaiian hula implements lessons, seven days a week.
  4. Relax to Live Hawaiian Music - Hawaii is the only U.S. state with its own language, dance, and music. Most of the major hotels, resorts, and shopping centers in Waikiki feature free live entertainment by some of the island's top performers. The Kani Ka Pila Grille at the Outrigger Reef on the Beach features live Hawaiian music every night from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  5. Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort and Spa Fireworks Show - Every Friday night at 7:45 p.m., the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa puts on an amazing fireworks show on the beach front of the hotel. While the fireworks can be seen from afar, a great place to see the show is from the beach or bar on the beach.
  6. Picnic at Magic Island/Ala Moana Beach Park -  Just minutes west of Waikiki are Magic Island and Ala Moana Beach Park is a beautiful 76-acre park with large, open grassy areas, and a magnificent white sand beach with gentle waters. It's an ideal spot for a picnic and recreation of all sorts, including volleyball, tennis, lawn bowls or a stroll around the paved bike/walking path. The only lawn bowling Club in Hawaii is located in this Ala Moana Beach Park.
  7. Sunset on the Beach - Almost every month, hundreds of locals and visitors gather on select Saturday and Sunday evenings at Queen's Surf Beach in Waikiki for a night of great entertainment with Sunset on the Beach. Movies from all genres are shown on a giant 30-foot screen for free. The only thing necessary to bring is a beach chair or towel to sit on.
  8. Watch a Real Sunset - Is there actually a green flash that occurs when the sun goes down? Find out for yourself as you relax on Waikiki Beach and watch another day in paradise come to an end. What could be more romantic?
  9. Take a Self Guided Tour of Historic Waikiki - The free guided tours are no longer offered, but it's easy to download and print the self-guided Waikiki Historic Trail tour text and map. You'll be walking in the footsteps of many of Hawaii's royalty and most famous residents including the famous Waikiki beach boys including Duke Kahanamoku.
  10. Enjoy the Beach - All of Hawaii's beaches are free and open to the public. Waikiki features some of the world's most famous beaches. All you need to do is bring your bathing suit, suntan lotion, beach mat, towel, and snorkel or surfboard. The busiest beaches are in central Waikiki. Head up towards Diamond Head or Ala Moana beach Park for smaller crowds.
  11. Visit the U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii - The U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii is located on the grounds of the Hale Koa Hotel and the Ft. DeRussy Recreation Center in Waikiki.
    Once a bastion built to protect Hawaii from invading forces, the structure now houses a Museum that tells the military story of Hawaii, from ancient times to the Gulf War and the War in Iraq. Each of these hostilities is covered graphically in separate displays with photographs and sound effect creating a real "you were there" experience. Admission is free, but donations are gladly accepted. This is a great place to see the military history of Waikiki.
  12.  A Hula Show - One of the most beautiful expressions of Hawaiian culture is the hula. Many hotels, resorts, restaurants, and shopping malls offer free hula performances for visitors to enjoy. Both men and women carry on the tradition and tell the stories of Hawaii's past through their graceful movements.

    The Waikiki Hula Show features authentic Hawaiian music and hula shows by Hawaii's finest hula halau hula (dance troupes) and Hawaiian performers. Shows take place Tues-Thurs-Fri-Sat, weather-permitting at the Kuhio Beach Hula Mound, near Duke Kahanamoku statue, beachside at Uluniu & Kalakaua Ave. in Waikiki.


Hope you had fun and saved bunches of money during your stay in Waikiki.







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