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It's getting near impossible to have complete privacy and freedom in an un-private  and un-free world.  In this area you will find reports, books, CD's DVD, and more that will help you maintain some degree of privacy, secrecy and freedom in a post 911 world.  We offer:


1. BBBB  -- Bye, Bye, Big Brother --  This 3 volume set of over a 800 pages is the last, latest and greatest works of W.G. Hill and Grandpa.  The hard copy version is out of date but we at Expat World offer the ONLY authorized copies as a digital download.


This collection provides the ultimate key to living like a king on a paupers budget. In doing this you must be knowledgeable and be able to stay out of the clutches of Big Brother , so we want all our readers to say. . .  BYE BYE BIG BROTHER

Doing the due-diligence on living, working or retiring in another country is easy today with sites like Expat World, among others, having all kinds of advice on where are the best spots and  how you go about making the move, etc. This is all child's play though in comparison to making the most of your stay abroad or pretend stay abroad by keeping as much privacy and anonymity as you can in reference to the biggest threat to your happiness -- BIG BROTHER.

Here, today, Expat World is going to show you where you can get all the information you need to keep you wealthy, healthy and happy and at a great price reduction.


You may remember that Expat World and a few of their associates in the past have offered a 3-volume hard cover set (over 800 pages) report called BYE BYE BIG BROTHER (BBBB) that sold for $499. Expat World now has the exclusive rights for a digital download of BBBB. So now everyone can read it for only US $89.95 THE NEW DIGITAL DOWNLOAD IS WHAT THE MILLIONAIRES OR WANT TO BE MILLIONAIRES ARE READING


Bye, Bye Big Brother took five years, a highly unusual and clandestine group of some of the world's finest financial and legal brains collaborating on this BBB project. This project is going to make them, together with a small, select group of like-minded individuals who understand their vision, a great deal wealthier and happier in whatever country they decide to live in.


The team included elite lawyers and chartered accountants, taxation and asset protection experts, top financial gurus, civil rights activists,and several self-made multi-millionaires. The motto they chose to work under? Bye Bye Big Brother. The goal? To help like-minded business and professional people find a new, unorthodox path away from socialistic, suffocating Big Brother controls to a richer, more fulfilling life as part of the international jet set, as an international PT, an Expat or wannabe expat. And the plan to achieve this elusive goal? A comprehensive, totally legal strategy, to enable any person of intelligence to instantly enjoy a life free of most taxes, litigation, kidnappers, con-men, bureaucrats, alimony-drones, and similar problems of the rich.

Themes they investigated included how to find and enjoy the world's finest playgrounds, tax havens, the best places to invest, and the most profitable areas to do business. Confidential, reliable banking relationships were shared. So was sensitive information on the little known tax and asset protection benefits that second passports can bring. Everyone agreed that a coherent, long term strategy for dealing with government regulators, legal systems and tax authorities (Big Brothers for short) was one of the most important issues to be solved. And they did solve it! By eliminating the usual obstacles at a stroke, the Bye Bye Big Brother master plan frees up the time and capital needed to enjoy life to the fullest. Anyone who follows this advice can reap the rewards of their inheritances or hard work, and move up to the highest international levels in their fields. This can only be done with very special knowledge and power, the power to say Bye Bye Big Brother.


Originally there were only going to be 100 of the BBBB collection going to be sold with a free consultancy being thrown in for a price tag of $10,000. But this original idea was thrown out for the authors decided to make the price accessible to the any moderately successful, middle class business or professional person. They dropped the hard copy price of just over $500. With a printing of just 2000 copies.  BUT NOW today Expat World has available the only  authorized digital download at only US$ 89.95  so that even the common man on the street can get this information and join the bandwagon of free individuals, living the good life, free of Big brother. This is the  Best Financial Privacy and Offshore Asset Protection Deal Around today, tomorrow or the next day. Today, we are offering you the chance to acquire the digital download of Bye Bye Big Brother at a cost that That is probably less than taking your wife or loved one out for a modest dinner and drinks at a nice restaurant in your home town.

Contact us to Order now for only $89.95

2. The Classic "The W.G. Hill CD."  W.G Hill was the prime motivator for the PT philosophy teaching you how to live like a chameleon never under the jurisdiction of any one country, living like a high class nomad in a variety of places throughout the world. Five of his now classic books are on this CD. They may be a little outdated in the present situations but they are still a great primer on how to achieve the ultimate goal of a PT -- "to live as full a life as possible without government interference.  Here are the five books on the CD:


  • Volume 1: PT "Perpetual Traveler"  -- You should purchase this CD for this one book alone. It is the famous out of print collector’s 1985 Classic Edition of the original…The ultimate way to avoid government control of your life and your property is to become invisible. Ideally, you should never “belong” to any one government. Big Brother should never know who your are, where you live, how you make your money, where you keep your assets, and perhaps most important, where you like to “play.”

    The philosophy behind these ideals is to become a “PT,” that is, a Perpetual Tourist, Parked Temporarily, a Prior Taxpayer who is now a Possibility Thinker and Prepared Thoroughly for the future.


  • Volume 2.  The Passport Report  --  A complete primer of how , when and where to get a second passport.  This book of over 100 pages is a real good idea of who is making it easy for you to get one of their country's passports.

  • Volume 3.  P.T.O --  Portable Trades and Occupations --  A primer in what trades and occupations you can take with you anywhere and "work" in your "new home" even without official work permits.


  • Volume 4.  Invisible Investor  -- A great report on how  to invest so that your government doesn't get wind of your investments and your profits.

  • Volume 5.  Become an Honorary Consul General  -- Following the guided program in this book and you can like others before you that have followed the guidelines become an Honorary Consul General. 

This 5 book collection that sold at over $500 in hard copy is now available as a digital download in PDF for less than 1/20 the price at $24.95. Order yours today!



As the internet has evolved, so has evolved the ability of thieves to steal from you by making use of it and for governments to track you despite you engaging in lawful behavior or to keep you from seeking help or asylum -- whenever “they” want to.

All of you have read about the governments of Middle Eastern countries or China from shutting their populace out from sending messages or getting news is true. We have also heard that the same countries – and others – use forensic techniques to track messages or browsing to the users and imprison or kill them for doing and saying things that are permitted in other, better, countries.

The U.S. and UK (and more sophisticated countries) have a more interesting technique. They literally capture the content of all email, all browsing histories, all cell phone calls – especially international ones. They just save this and let the robots sniff it and sift it and sort it and mostly use it to support ongoing investigations and occasionally to start an investigation. Here’s why privacy is so important in the post 9/11 world.


Why? Because if someone wants to, they can take data on your computer and basically make the Pope look like anything they want him to look like. They get to edit the video tape of your life. (Including all the times you were pissed-off, or depressed, or...who knows). The trick is never to give anyone “probable cause” to have a look-see.

That’s why you want CRYPTOHIPPIE - VPN. In a post 9/11 world, this is the best insurance anyone can buy. And it’s cheap! $275 / year!

Come with a guarantee? Absolutely. Drop the company an email anytime you want to quit. They confirm that it’s YOU asking, and then they will refund any unused portion of your yearly payment. Can’t be any fairer than that.

Plus, as an EW reader, you can have a FREE one-week trial. If you don't like it, don't pay. (A note about the free trial. It’s got a choke on bandwidth. Great for browsing and emails. But it won’t get you twenty minutes into a porno movie download before you’ve used up your free trial.)

The post 9/11 world is a no-nonsense world with governments at the top of their form. EW abhors the use of the internet for anything that can harm someone so don’t try to play games with cryptohippie. But EW supports all means of communication that supports free speech even though free speech is an endangered species because some governments unlawfully use it to harm people.

Cryptohippie VPN is a way for you to protect your freedom and help your friends protect theirs.
It’s the first step to embracing the new rules of a Post 9/11 world. Unless you’re using a profession grade VPN service, you’ve failed the exam.

Note: Cryptohippie.com is a U.S. site used for processing orders. The company itself is located in Panama with servers all over the world. Don’t worry about the U.S. Nexus.

LET'S ALL BE CRYPTOHIPPIES and tell the Big Brother snoopers good-by. Sign up today or at least give the trial period a go.


  • A. The PAPER PT  -- Freedom in a Country Known for its freedom. This is a great read and a development guide for U.S. residents and citizens.

  • B. All You NEED to Know about FINANCIAL PRIVACY. A full 42 page primer  to getting it right. Stay out of the grasp of Big Brother.

  • C.  Then OFFSHORE BANK DIRECTORY-- A great guide with complete information on 100's of Offshore Banks for those do-it-your-selfers who want to set up an account without the help of an advisor.  This Freedom Package Number 1 produced as a  digital download is available for only $29.95  Order yours today!



  • A.  INVISIBLE CASH -- How Money disappears -- How Money Launderers Do It. If you ever wondered how to launder your money not using a washing machine this extensive report will tell you how. Sold for informational purposes only.

  • B.  UNDERGROUND KNOWLEDGE - Strategies For a Free Life.  This 225 page book has some of the best information we have seen on living a free life in an unfree world.

  • C.
    HOW TO CHANGE YOUR IDENTITY  - This impressive book has it all. Even 911 updates to changing your identity. This Freedom package number 2 produced as a digital download is available for $29.95.  Order yours today!

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