Own a Piece of the Moon.

Have Your Own Homestead


Qualifications: Any Earth citizen or citizens of cyberspace who has resided in either for a period of at least one year immediately prior to their application and who is at least 10 years of age can participate in the United States of Cyberspace®: Homestead Act of April 1, 1998.


What size parcel may I receive: Under the Homestead Act you will receive a parcel of 160 acres.


How many parcels may I purchase:  You can purchase up to 5 parcels. You can register them all in your name or purchase them as gifts.



How can I participate: The United States of Cyberspace®: advertises and publishes the land offering through it's marketing arm Expat World and it's newsletter in addition to general brochures and cyberspace promotions through the internet. Earth citizens and citizens of cyberspace can apply to participate and receive a plot under the Homestead Act upon completing the application and returning it to Expat World with 25 Yankee dollars. (US$ dollars).


You will receive a handsome, full color, ready for framing Moon Homesteading Certificate complete with the area name of the Moon and selenographic co-ordinates of your homestead's latitude and longitude. You will also be provided with the requirements to convert your Homestead Certificate to a full deed. This is a great gift for your kids, loved ones, or for someone who has everything. Don't pass up this offer for surely a Moon rush is in our future. Order today while prime acreage is available.


Note: This promotion to Homestead the Moon is sponsored by the United States of Cyberspace under the US of CS Homestead Act of April 1,1998 with Expat World acting as its agent.

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