Expat World Privacy Report #6 The Ultimate Second Passport & Citizenship Guide

Expat World Privacy Report #6 The Ultimate Second Passport & Citizenship Guide
Expat World Privacy Report #6 The Ultimate Second Passport & Citizenship Guide
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Privacy Report #6
The Ultimate Second Passport &
Citizenship Guide

Authors Preface -

The Fascination for Second Passports & Citizenships

I can't count the number of people who have approached me for information concerning second passports and possibly second or new citizenships. Now, I know what you are thinking, are these people criminals and what in heaven's name would they want a second passport for?

Second passports, as well as second citizenships can be of real benefit to offshore investors. The reasons are many, but the main one is that you can leave a country on one passport and enter again on another, which can tend to confuse anybody pursuing you. However, as compters take over, and scanned passports are becoming more the rule than the exception, it's a little unwise to do this too often. You can identify yourself legally as a national of one country but be actually living in another, again making it virtually impossible for people to track you down. They are also handy as identification when opening bank accounts, incorporating in offshore jurisdictions etc.

Having just one passport limits what, according to the United Nations, are basic human rights: Freedom to travel. If you hold a Russian passport, you'll treat this as a sick joke. You have no freedom to start with. If you hold an American, British or Australian passport, you'll know you are liable to be blown up or shot in many parts of the world, where you could go quite safely if you were, let's say, a Norwegian.

It's all about financial freedom at the end of the day. For example, many Germans sensibly choose to invest money in neighboring Luxembourg, where banking is better and no tax is taken off their saviings. if you are one of them, desperately trying to keep your investment a secret, don't count on it remainig a secret for long, as the moves by the UE remove many rights to privacy you have left. One of the greatest things about a second passport is that it allows you to keep your assets stored safely away in a stable country, without any chance of them ever being linked to you.

I mean, let's be honest, a second passport helps you to hide money. It's your money so you can damn well hide it if you want to. As long as you don't break any law,s conduct criminal activity, you can hide your money and keep it private and nobody can tell you different. Don't be brainwashed into feeling like a big time criminal or money launderer just because you want to keep your savings secure for your family and descendants. There's nothing illegal about it, but "your" government doesn't want your money to flow overseas, so it will naturally do its best to stop you, or certainly make you feel like a criminal trying to keep your business to yourself. That little booket called your passport is symbolic of the control exercised over you by one government. It's almost if they are saying 'look, this person belongs to us". Remember, by law it's not your passport, it is the property of the government that issued it, and it may be withdrawn at any time.

The great thing about having two passports and provided you don't leave a paper trail between the two, is taht you have two completely different identities which are not linked. This immediately makes life much more difficult ofr 'nosey people'. Traveling and moving about on a passport no-one expected you to have can really throw a spanner in the works of people trying to find out your business. This could be anybody, a private investigator gathering information onyou so someone can sue you into oblivion, a nasty 'ex', creditors, anybody. They can no longer trace where you go, what you do there, who you see or where you keep your wealth.

In fact, many people cary on exactly as before, with no change to their normal life. But somewhere, stored anonymously in a safe-deposit box, is that second passport with a few credit cards just in case they ever need it. It's like a form of insurance, it's much easier and cheaper to obtain if you act befor eyou reach that critical stage where you really need it. Your second passport can bring an incredible sense of privacy and freedom.

There, of course, can be other reasons to gain another passport. you may possibly have a passport from a country that has travel restrictions imposed upon it, this can be frustrating to say the least. . .

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