Expat World Privacy Report #5 - Personal Privacy Secrets Revealed

Expat World Privacy Report #5 - Personal Privacy Secrets Revealed
Expat World Privacy Report #5 - Personal Privacy Secrets Revealed
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Privacy Report #5
Personal Privacy Secrets Revealed


For the first time in American history our federal government is actively purchasing highly personal information on it’s citizens from various commercial databases and using it to build comprehensive personal dossiers on individual citizens. This new trend is troubling to say the least. Those who turn to our government for protection are badly misinformed. In fact, judging by it’s actions, our government has no interest in restricting the flow of personal information. Most of the privacy laws on the books were in fact written by the information mongers who make their living buying and selling our most sensitive personal data.

Nothing could be less American and less constitutional. Of course big brother has a handy excuse. Under the guise of fighting crime, drugs and terrorism the personal privacy and financial anonymity that used to be the hallmark of American life must be compromised. While most Americans passively accept our plight, we as a nation are rapidly sliding into an age of total government surveillance.

If present trends continue what little remains of our privacy will soon be no more than a distant memory. Big brother’s dream of a zero privacy society will become a harsh reality. Our every financial transaction will be recorded and carefully analyzed.

Government databases will record our personal “constellations” (Your constellation is a list of everyone you have had any form of contact with, no matter how brief of casual.) Lists of our friends, relations, acquaintances, lovers and work associates will be collected in vast databases. Where we drive, where we walk and who we talk to will all be carefully monitored by computerized cameras and recorded in a government computer. Hitler and Stalin could only dream of such an incredibly intrusive system.

But as you will see, the news of the privacy front isn’t all bad. Though many of the newest technologies play into big brother’s hands, some are providing freedom-loving individuals with powerful new tools with which he can protect his privacy against all threats, including the most pervasive – the US federal government. Armed with the right technology, you can fight back!

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