Expat World Privacy Report #4 - The Essential Underground Handbook

Expat World Privacy Report #4 - The Essential Underground Handbook
Expat World Privacy Report #4 - The Essential Underground Handbook
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Privacy Report #4
The Essential Underground Handbook

This report contains some of the most essential information and techniques for those people no longer wanting to live under the grip of Big Brother.


The past few years have been the testing ground for this internationally famous "underground" classic.

Not only has Big Brother come down hard on the publishers of this book, but they have been threatened by some of BB's lackeys with such pleasing comments as "we have friends in very high places who will be wanting to talk to you". Sounds cliche'd doesn't it, but one security official actually said this to them!

So far such threats have come to nothing and the publishers have stood firm on their commitment to supply you Joe and Joanne Public, information that you really need to know in order to protect yourself from any sort of attack on your lifestyle, either from the state or from individuals who beleive you owe them something for nothing.

I have only one rule in life and I pass it on as a means for you to live free and allow others the same freedom. It's simple, straightforward and to the point and will last you till the end of your days:

"Do not consciously stop another persons desires or actions UNLESS they are physically directed against you or your property."

It's the only guideline you need. If you respect other folk, they in turn will respect you.

Many have criticized me for supplying information that could be used negatively. My reply is as follows. Information is simply that, information. No other human being has a right to censor or limit your access to it. If they don't like it, they don't have to read it.

Information is like electricity, it can be used to benefit people's lives or destry them. This doesn't mean that we ban electricity.

Likewise cars can be used to benifit people and business, but they can also be stolen by criminals andused to create death and destruction. It doesn't mean that we ban cars.

So what's my point?

Leave people to make their own minds up. Let them choose to live as they please. Leave them well alone and they might not come kicking down your door in frustration.

Certain people in the government don't want to do this. They have continually tried to stop the advertising of this book. To date they have failed, so this 2001 edition hits the streets with a certain sour taste. But you free-spirity, hold in your hands the chance ot break free from 90% of the obligations these self righteous types demand you should live by.

Stay Free!

James Tyrell

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