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Proven Countermeasures for Combating Threats to Privacy, Security, and Personal Freedom by Michael Chesbro

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase safety,” observed Benjamin Franklin in 1759, “deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Unfortunately, in today’s climate of fear, the government, the media and plenty of other American citizens see things differently. If you are not willing to accept “some restrictions on civil liberties to guarantee security,” (as NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw, former Secretary of State James Baker and others have phrased it), this book is essential reading. Michael Chesbro shares hundreds of simple but effective measures you can take – short of armed revolution – to preserve your privacy and personal sovereignty in the face of Big Brother run amok. Chesbro identifies the many specific threats to your financial privacy, computer and on-line security, private communications, home security and more, and provides practical, easy-to implement techniques to combat every one of them in your daily life. By reading this important book, you can protect yourself from rogue government agents and meddling bureaucracies as well as nosy neighbors, prying family members, identity thieves, stalkers, solicitors and other enemies of privacy and personal liberty.

296 pages

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