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101 More Ways to Salvage

Freedom by Claire Wolfe.

From flat-out prohibitions

of peaceful activities to

flagrant invasions of privacy to ominous erosions of Constitutional freedoms, the signs are everywhere: real freedom in the United States is disappearing at an alarming rate. In this follow-up to her wildly popular

"101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution,"

Claire Wolfe presents another batch of provocative ideas to counteract the abuses of government and private

agencies. How can you acquire firearms without ending up on a government list? What should you

do instead of writing another useless letter to your congressman? How can

you stay out of snoopy databases? Is

there any way to tell if a supposed friend is really a government snitch? You'll find out all that and more in this informative manifesto.


249 pages #DSB  $29.95



by A.G. Hawke. There are many reasons why you might need to learn a foreign language quickly. The author, a U.S. Army Green Beret, often travels to foreign countries on short notice and must be able to communicate with officials, many of who do not speak English. He tried all types of language schools, classes, books and tapes, but none delivered what he needed when he needed it. So he developed his own method. This book is designed for people who have no interest in learning complicated rules of grammar. So confident is the author of his method that he promises that anyone can become functional in any language in as little as seven days and proficient in 30. The book includes a day-by-day schedule, a handy workbook format, learning tips to help you master key elements and reproducible forms you can fill out and carry with you anywhere.


176 pages  #QD       $30.00



by Edward H. Romney.

If you have been fired, demoted, retired, divorced,

widowed, bankrupted or swindled – or you just want to quit your job and remain financially self-reliant – this book is for you. In it are hundreds of tips, secrets and necessary skills for living well on little money. Chapters include: Save Up

to $37,000 a Year and Live on $12,000 a Year; Low-Cost Computers for Fun, Profit, and Education; Some Ways to Live on No Money at All; A Day of Cheap Living; A New Career or Business for You; Fix Things and Make Them Last; and Protect Your Investments and Make Them Grow. The author left the “system” in 1969 and has worked for himself ever since. Let him show you how you, too, can live happily, comfortably and with complete financial freedom.


200 pages #WELL2   $37.00


Want one more chance at life with a "clean

slate"? Trade in your old identity for a new start.

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a totally new you - with a birth certificate, passport, driver's license, Social Security number - all you need for breaking with your past.


120 pages #NEW.ID $28.00


Proven Countermeasures

for Combating Threats to Privacy, Security,

and Personal Freedom by Michael Chesbro


“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase safety,” observed Benjamin Franklin in 1759, “deserve neither liberty nor safety.”


Unfortunately, in today’s climate of fear, the government, the media and plenty of other American citizens see things differently. If you are not willing to accept “some restrictions on civil liberties to guarantee security,” (as NBC news anchor

Tom Brokaw, former Secretary of State James Baker and others have

phrased it), this book is essential reading. Michael Chesbro shares hundreds of simple but effective measures you can take – short of armed revolution – to preserve your privacy and personal sovereignty in the face of Big Brother run amok. Chesbro identifies the many specific

threats to your financial privacy,

computer and on-line security, private

communications, home security and

more, and provides practical, easy-to implement techniques to combat every one of them in your daily life. By reading this important book, you can protect yourself from rogue government agents and meddling bureaucracies as well as nosy neighbors, prying family members, identity thieves, stalkers, solicitors and other enemies of privacy and personal liberty.


296 pages    #PH      $35.00


How You Can Protect Your Invention for as

Little as $25 by Steven

Hampton and Craig Herrington Written by

two successful inventors, this book explains how to legally protect your invention. In  addition to providing a detailed road map of the patent process, the authors explain why a patent is no guarantee of wealth for the inventor and may not offer much legal protection from a practical standpoint.

Finally, they give you the lowdown

on how to protect your invention yourself for next to nothing – and invest your time, money and effort in developing your idea and getting it on the market before someone else beats you to it. You’ll also learn how to determine whether your idea will fly, work out the kinks before you get the ball rolling, apply for grant money to help finance the development of your invention and three critical rules of thumb you must adhere to before you even consider pursuing a patent.


144 pages #PATENT $27.00


The Complete Guide to Living and Working Abroad by William Beaver

This essential handbook

for U.S. citizens who want to live or work abroad contains vital information on dealing with the IRS, State Department, Justice Department, Customs, Social Security Administration and U.S. embassies and consulates abroad. Plus, it answers FAQs such as: Must I

pay U.S. taxes? What travel documents, visas or work permits will I need? Is my destination safe for Americans? What should I do if I’m arrested in a foreign country? Can I lose my U.S. citizenship while living abroad? Will my health or auto insurance be good? Will I still be

allowed to vote in U.S. elections? Plus, this invaluable guide provides an annotated list of the 100 most helpful Web sites for Americans abroad, as well as the password to a special Web site just for readers of Overseas Americans. If you plan on starting a life overseas, do it without risking your money, your citizenship,

your health or your life. Don’t leave

home without this book!


168 pages  #SEAS  $35.00


The How-To Guide by T. J. "Skip" Arey By showing you exactly how to capture radio signals from down the street, across town, around the world and even out in space, Radio Monitoring introduces

you to a world of action, intrigue and

awareness by letting you in on secret,

obscure and forbidden sources of information. Learn how you can explore the worlds of espionage, international politics, foreign wars, ships at sea, cellular phone activity, emergency services and any other arena where the airwaves are used to communicate.


340 pages    #RM    $31.95


The Complete Book of

Dirty Tricks by George Hayduke A hilarious overview of the methods people use to get even

with big business, government and enemies. These dirty tricks range from the simple to the elaborate, including more sophisticated schemes devised by CIA and Mafia members and political dirty tricksters. For entertainment purposes only.


208 pages  #GE  $32.95


More Dirty Tricks from the Master of Revenge by George Hayduke

Enemies beware! Here's the outrageous sequel to the underground bestseller, Get Even, presenting a wide range of

all-new dirty tricks people pull to get even with big business bums, footloose spouses, lousy landlords

and others. For entertainment purposes only!


170 pages  #GE2  $32.95


Secrets of Asset Protection by Robert Forbush

Sr. Investing Offshore

shows you how to take advantage of the freedom and confidentiality

that offshore financial centers offer and explains how and where to set up your assets beyond the reach of

money-hungry bureaucrats and tax collectors. Author Robert Forbush runs a thriving consulting business that sets up and manages offshore companies for people just like you. Here he shares insider tips on establishing your offshore structure, including deciding how much to stow away, opening an office, appointing

trusted third-party directors to manage

the operation and much more. He also covers setting up a trust to protect your hard-earned cash in case you kick off suddenly while enjoying the good life with your new-found wealth. This book is your ticket to the idyllic offshore tax taven – one that will keep Big Brother out of your business and put an end to the piracy of your profits.


104 pages

 #INVESTING      $25.00


by Lee Lapin. The Whole

Spy Catalog shows you exactly how to hire an ex-KGB agent, order a

photo of anyplace on earth anytime during the last 20 years, get an instant

background check on anyone, open a door from 100 feet away, subscribe to an in-house FBI newsletter, order and install the latest electronic surveillance gear and many more tricks to trace, track, surveil and investigate anyone or anything.


448 pages #WHOLE 54.95


An Old Alaskan Tells How It's Done by Leon

W. Kania If you buy only one "how to make your own booze" book in your life, this should be it! Old Alaskan vet Leon Kania not only tells you how to make darned near any kind of beer, wine, liqueur, and whiskey you can imagine, he also covers how to construct all the necessary equipment to get it done. The book includes plans and operating instructions for eight different types of stills, including some from underground moonshiner manuals used in Mideast oil fields, and a host of recipes for all sorts of thirst-quenching brews. It's all served up with entertaining Alaskan tales and bootlegger's lore. For academic study only.


190 pages  #AKBB  $31.95


A Self-Study Guide on

Becoming a Private Detective

by Roger J.

Willard If your goal is to launch a career in private

investigation, you've got to do your homework.

This self-paced, hands on workbook and guide will prep you on education and training, licensing, office equipment and supplies, marketing, field equipment, report writing,

photography and videotaping, firearms

and more.


128 pages

 #PI.SELF  $28.00


Freeing America from the ID State

Revised and Expanded

Second Edition

by Claire Wolfe No one says it better than Claire

Wolfe: "A passive, malleable, well cataloged,

and constantly observed population is

what every tyrant in history has desired and what no government of the free would ever wish for," but that is exactly the kind of government we appear soon to get. We live in a world where we are required to carry our government assigned number to among other things, get health care, enroll our kids in school, check out a library book, open a bank account, drive a car, get a telephone installed,

or even rent a video. We endure scans, warrentless searches, and inspections. The "Patriot Act" in the name of "Homeland Security" encourages our post office, our neighbors, and even home delivery and other service workers to spy and report on us if we seem "suspicious." "The laws to enslave us were passed so quietly that many of us are just now waking up to what's been done. We are about to be numbered like prisoners and tracked like cattle in a

herd. Now we face three choices: to bow and be slaves, to rebel… or simply to live free, in spite of their rule." If the last choice is one that appeals to you, this is the book for you. Claire Wolfe believes "we can create an entire Free America right under the eyes of -- right inside the gaping maw of -- the growing ID state." We are drawing a line in the sand and saying, "No, I am not a number. I am a free human being." If you are fed up, too, get I Am Not A Number and take those first steps

toward living free.


208 pages

 #NUMBER2    $27.95


An Inside Look at a Successful

Sports Gambling

Operation by James Jeffries/Charles Oliver. If

you have ever wondered

why the bookie always wins and you always lose, how your bookie adjusts point spreads

and in which direction, or if there is anything you can do to improve your odds of winning sports bets, The Book on Bookies is for you! In it you’ll find all the answers you need to come out a winner no matter what sport you bet on – football, baseball, basketball, boxing, hockey, horse racing, . . . even golf. Former sports bookie “J.J.” takes you behind the scenes to show you exactly how a successful betting operation is set up and run. Find out all about point spreads, straight bets, half-points, parlays, exactas, teasers, exotics, sweeps, money lines – everything you need to wager wisely . . . or to become a bookie. For

academic study only.

160 pages

#BOOKIES  $28.00


Secrets from the Master by Steven Hampton

Master locksmith Steven Hampton has more than 40 years of experience in designing different ways to open locks without

keys and has personally taught dozens of today’s most talented locksmiths. In Improvised Lock Picking, Hampton reveals little-known

secrets for devising quick and easy lock picking tools on the spot, using common household items found in the average home, office or garage. Through photos and detailed exploded drawings, you’ll see how these improvised tools can be used to open a wide variety of locks found all over the world. You’ll also find out how to get inside a front door with a safety pin, open magnetic card readers,

defeat the extremely difficult Master

combination padlock and much more.

The key to never being locked out of

anywhere is knowing how to instantly

improvise the right tool for the right lock. This book will show you how. For academic study only.


88 pages  #ILP  $35.00



Big Brother v. The New Resistance by Sheldon

Charrett Sheldon Charrett, author of Modern

Identity Changer, has had enough of power mad government agencies that use identity  documents to approve what you do for a living, keep tabs on your net worth and control your life. If you, too, are unwilling to fork over your freedom without a struggle, this book outlines the very latest info on how to make professional quality identity documents (including the lowdown on holograms, bar codes and other high-tech devices); obtain officially issued documents under a new identity; use ID tricks to maximize mail, telephone, employment, banking and Internet privacy; ride legal loopholes into phantom marriages and baby bank accounts; and a whole lot more!


240 pages

#FREEDOM    $50.00

101 Things To Do 'Til The


"America is at that awkward

stage. It's too late

to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." --

opening lines of 101 Things To Do 'Til The Revolution by Claire Wolfe This is the original-the underground classic from a then-unheralded writer that sold out within a month of its first printing. Now in its updated fourth printing, 101 Things To Do 'Til The Revolution is still helping people liberate themselves, prepare for challenging times and monkey wrench an increasingly tyrannical

system. It's irreverent, practical, humorous, dead serious, sassy and above all filled with useful resources for people who want to be free.



191 pages  #101.TH  $25.95


Disappearance Throught ID Acquisition

by Johnny Yount. Are you at wit's end, dodging creditors, an ex-wife or Uncle

Sam? Want a way out? Vanish! Get the facts on disappearance through ID acquisition in this highly readable and amusing look at new ID. Not just a rehash of previously available info, Vanish! tells all about the mail drop, the untraceable

signature, acquiring someone else's

birth certificate, support documentation, and, most important, how to get your story squared away. Learn how to "die" through advertisement - how to do it fast, and make it last. Die and live.


96 pages  #VAN  $30.00


This is the mother of all revenge books! You'd have to buy more than 25 books to get all the wit and wisdom contained

in this compilation

from the best of Paladin's revenge books. Don't be fooled by cheap imitators that claim to know how to get even. Paladin is still your revenge source when you need to even the score with nosy neighbors, bungling bureaucrats, snarly clerks or other pests. For entertainment purposes only.


120 pages  #RE  $35.00


How to Find and Use the

Most Effective Antibiotics,

Painkillers, Anesthetics,

and Other Miracle

Drugs . . . Without Costly Doctors' Prescriptions or Hospitals by Ragnar Benson. Ragnar gives you precise instructions

for securing and using the very latest

drugs and supplies from animal health

centers, foreign pharmacies, mail order suppliers, military dispensaries and other unusual sources.

128 pages

 #DOIT.MED     $30.00



by Lee Lapin. Get the goods on others with this

encyclopedia of advanced

investigative and

surveillance techniques. Here are expert ways to secretly bug any target! Info on lock-pick technology, how polygraphs and voice lie detectors can be tricked and much more, including more than 100 sources for spy equipment.


272 pages  #ANY  $50.00



by Lee Lapin This long awaited

follow-up to the

best-selling original volume

takes you through a gold mine of never before-published tricks and techniques of intelligence collection culled from the FBI, CIA, engineers, computer hackers, PIs, dedicated researchers and others. You'll learn how to read computer screens from a distance, look or listen through solid walls, dig out unlisted phone numbers, bypass computer passwords and assemble a complete dossier on anyone from the comfort of your own

home. Plus, get the very latest on police intelligence kits, state-of-the-art electronic gear, spy conventions, surveillance schools and much more! Includes more than 200 suppliers of exotic electronic equipment.


232 pages #ANY2 $45.00


The Complete Guide to

Personal Privacy and Financial Freedom in

Tomorrow's Cashless

Society by Bob

Hammond Debit cards, credit cards, ATMs, electronic transfer of funds, -- all-powerful

supercomputers can access your life history in an instant! Not to mention government agencies, corporations,

and private individuals able to tap into your credit history without your

permission or knowledge. Scare you half to death?! It should, but Bob Hammond is about to tell you how to maintain your privacy in the dangerous cashless society of tomorrow. Super Privacy is the first book to predict the plastic and computer world of the next century. You will be given the step-by-step instructions needed not only to maintain your privacy and true identity, but also to secure your bank accounts, transactions, credit history and future earnings from the predatory asset thieves of tomorrow! Now -- learn how to legally create a whole new you and defeat the bandits after your money!


144 pages

#SUPER.P     $26.00



The Expat World  Newsletter -- "showing you

the world in a way you've never seen before "-- .



Every PT, traveler, internationally thinking person, privacy seeker and bureaucrat buster needs to read Expat Worlds Newsletter. Expat World tells you things your lawyer won't tell you even if he knew.

Not only do we produce the most ass & asset protecting newsletter on the market but we provide a multitude of products and services to beat the bureaucracy and keep your ass & assets in tact.


Find below a list of some of our products and services. Let me add that we generally are the lowest priced and offering the highest quality products of the few competitors we have.


Offshore Accounts, 2nd Passports/ Nationalities, International Drivers License, Camouflage Passports, Nobility Title, Press Passes, Mail drop in Singapore, Offshore Corporations, Consultancy Service, Non-Traditional University Degrees, Instant Travel Agency and much, much more. -- We have many other services that we do on a one-to-one basis and also are adding to our products and services each month. So if you don't see it advertised, just ask.

EXPAT WORLD's Special Products and Services

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For 20 years now through PATA, the Pan American Travel Association, we have been issuing IDL's or more correctly IDP's - International Driving Permits.  These driving licenses are honored in over 180 countries in all corners of the world including almost all countries in  USA, Europe, Asia,  South, Central America, Australia.


One of the few stipulations of use of an IDL is they cannot be used in the country where they are ISSUED.  Our's are issued from a small remote country in Central America so if you are from anywhere else in the world except this one small country, YOU CAN USE IT in your HOME country plus +180 other countries with legality.


Other way of saying this if you are from the USA and have the AAA issue you an IDL you cannot use it in the USA but can use it in the +180 other countries that honor them. So the best bet is get it issued from anywhere but your home country.


Besides using your IDL for driving legally worldwide, it can be used in many places as identification and other clever uses.


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