1. Instant Divorces - by special arrangement we can have you legally divorced (and recognized in most countries including the USA) in about 30 days WITH or WITHOUT your spouses consent. Cost under $2000. Don't let a divorce lawyer take you to the cleaners for big bucks. Check our offer out. WE will give you all the details and a recommendation to contact this provider located in a US possession which divorces are honored and legal in the US mainland for a mere US $10 payable via PayPal.


2. Non-Traditional University Degrees - Better men than most have succeeded without a college degree, but most must have this door opener. Trinity College and University working under a U.K. law which permits them to issue degrees offers non-traditional "University of Life" approach to granting degrees. The basis for your degree is on past courses taken, seminars, and your real life work experience. Degrees are granted in most fields excepting medical doctors and rocket scientists. The fees start as low as US $250 for a Bachelors Degree to US $600 for a Doctors Degree. Degrees available on Bachelors, Masters and Doctors levels. For full information on degrees obtainable and full costs email  expatworld2@hushmail.com and ask for Trinity University and College information.


3. PTO 20-20  --  Fullest Version good through 2020 of PORTABLE TRADES AND OCCUPATIONS


Some would equate financial independence with servants, a second home, and a status symbol car. But to me that is show, not freedom. Financial independence and your own business buy you freedom from a boring job—and from ―a boss.‖ It gives you time to pursue your own interests: freedom to travel, to read, write, create, and make love.


Possessions, poodles, servants and a Rolls Royce only tie you down. Impressing your neighbors or your mom isn‘t where happiness is. Grandpa says, “I know, I‟ve tried the flash lifestyle. Bad move. Impressing others costs money and only generates negative feelings towards you.” In this book we show you how to channel your energy effectively. With a lot of effort you can start generating income within ten days. In many cases, you will be able to make deals or do things to generate more income with one free Skype call than you could save in ten years on your old job.


This E-Book will show you: More Than 101 Ways You Can Make Serious Money Anywhere In The World Without Special Education, Visas, Permits Or Licenses. Some day you will look back on the day you lost your job if you've read this book and you will say,―That was my lucky day!‖. This 473 page book is you lifeline to the future and at cost less than a good dinner for you and your loved one. US$ $75.00 payable via PayPal: expatworld2@hushmail.com.


4. HOW TO SURVIVE,  PROSPER & FIND HAPPINESS AFTER YOU ESCAPE Big Brother, Your Country, Your ex-wife, Lawyers, Bill Collectors and other bottom dwellers.


This 90 page E-book is one of the unknown jewels of W.G. Hill.  Expat World finds it's info something that anyone that wants to be free and prosperous in an unfree world must read.  Order from expatworld2@hushmail.com for only USD $89.95.


5. HOW TO BE A CONSULTANT  -- Work Anywhere in the World.

This report gives you all and everything you need to become a high price consultant. It is written by one of the best freelance consultants out there. Well worth the $10 price tag. Pay through PayPal  -- expatworld2@gmail.com. You can order at expatworld2@hushmail.com by dropping us an email.



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