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EXPAT WORLD HAS DONE IT AGAIN. PROBABLY THE BEST ANONYMOUS BANKING PRODUCT WE HAVE EVER OFFERED – An Anonymous Bank Card BIGGER than Visa or MasterCard and out of the American Big Brother bank network.


We at Expat World are very excited and excited for all our loyal readers,and clients  to be able to offer you this unique product. Only EW and our associate of many years are able to offer this.  We don't believe you can find this offer anywhere else. It's a no-brainer for anyone who wants to get at least some of their money out of the US banking system that has it's tenicles the world over. Consider it an insurance policy and a banking privacy device. No U.S. snoopers tracking what you do with your money. Get one for yourself, one for the wife, one for anyone you want.


 All the details are below, read them quickly and act quickly. Easy ordering details and processing at the end of this article.


 We are pleased to offer for the first time internationally our exciting new banking and money transfer product:  Anonymous China UnionPay Cards.


Our new card can be used for cash withdrawals and purchases at merchants in over 142 countries worldwide using the China UnionPay network. You may not have heard of China UnionPay, but it's actually the biggest card network in the world, ahead of Visa and MasterCard.


Although traditionally a local card for the Chinese market, it's international expansion has been impressive to say the least. To give you an example, CUP cards are now accepted in over 90% of ATMs in the USA and are accepted wherever Discover cards are accepted.


Anonymous means there is no name printed or stored in any way on the card. It is operated in conjunction with a PIN number, so you can pass the card on to someone else for example. However, in common with every banking product these days, basic ID is required: government issued ID scan plus proof of address.


Your anonymous card is reloadable by international bank wire, Bitcoins, and a wide and increasing variety of local payment methods in places as diverse as Europe, Latin America and Russia.


Why use CUP cards?


  • Instant access to cash worldwide
  • No daily limits at card issuer level
  • Accepted at increasing numbers of merchants, often with discounts and incentives for using China UnionPay
  • Fast payments to business partners and family members in China, Hong Kong, Macau etc
  • Ideal for travelers to China and all of Asia.
  • Almost no restrictions on usage or issue
  • Much lower fees than the US-owned networks




The base billing currency of the Our anonymous CUP card is the Hong Kong dollar HKD. All fees are expressed in HKD. (You can check currency conversion rates online, but if you are not familiar with Hong Kong dollars, the currency is known as being very stable as regards the exchange rate with the US dollar.) Presently and historically it is now at 7.75 HK dollar to 1 USD.


Activation Fee:  Free

Annual Fee:  Nil

Foreign Currency Transaction:. . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.50%

ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .HKD 45

Reload fee: 1.00% minimum. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HKD 10

Balance enquiries via IVR or web: . . . . . . . . . . Free

Balance enquiry at ATM: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .HKD 5

Change of PIN via IVR or web: . . . . . . . . . . . . .Free

Replacement of lost card: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .HKD 100 + postage or courier fee

Account Management Fee: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 per Month (13th month new scheme)


Please note there may be additional costs involved in local funding methods and funds deposited in other currencies will be converted to HKD at the commercial exchange rate applicable on the day of the transaction.


Maximum balance per card:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HKD 50,000

Maximum funding per card: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HKD 50,000 per month




Expat World also enables you – the internet or digital currency entrepreneur – to join us in promoting China UnionPay prepaid cards worldwide. While major western card brands actively boycott a range of legitimate businesses such as remittance businesses, social networking, international prepaid card retail programs, PSPs, crypto-currency, gaming, MLM, or adult affiliate niches, China UnionPay generally approves any legal business and benefits from the implicit support of the Chinese government.


You can become a reseller by purchasing as few as 50 cards. For quantities in the range of 500-1000 cards and above, you can benefit from co-branding of the plastics and personalization of fees.


Please contact our in-house chief cook and bottle washer – “the Admiral” at ExpatWorld2@hushmail.com. Put “China Card” in the subject heading. Due to the quantity of enquiries we receive every day we respectfully request that you take the time to write us a detailed email explaining the background of your company including web links, how you plan to use the program, and what you need from us. We will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.




Why use China UnionPay?  –  Many people outside Asia are surprised to hear that China UnionPay is the world's largest credit card brand with nearly four billion cards in circulation, surpassing Visa, MasterCard, American Express and all the others. It was founded in China in 2002 but has been expanding aggressively internationally and China UnionPay cards can now be used in more than 142 countries worldwide. That includes all major countries of the world, as well as some, such as Cuba, where other major card brands are not accepted. Our anonymous CUP card is leading the way in making China UnionPay cards available to clients outside China, whether for travelers to China, those with family or business partners in China, or simply for those who would like access to the range of services and facilities available to cardholders of the world's biggest card brand.


In which countries can I use my anonymous CUP card?  –  For precise and updated information on where you can use your anonymous CUP card we recommend you refer to the following link:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China_UnionPay#Use_abroad  However, in our experience the above link is not complete. Many merchants worldwide are now enabled to accept China UnionPay cards. Some merchants do not even know that they have the facility, as banks are gradually rolling out and upgrading POS terminals via remote software upgrades. If in doubt, ask the merchant to swipe your card and see if it is accepted. I can personally tell you that they are accepted in many banks in Hawaii.


Are these cards anonymous?  –  No name is printed on the face of the card nor embossed on the magnetic strip. The face of the Our anonymous CUP card shows only the 16-digit card number beginning with 62 and the expiry date. However, valid ID is required in order to activate the card and this will be stored in Hong Kong and subject to the laws of the Hong Kong SAR.


How confidential are these cards? –  By keeping the base currency as Hong Kong Dollars and by keeping limits to HKD 50,000 per month we avoid any automatic reporting requirements, and accounts are managed according to stringent Hong Kong regulatory and confidentiality laws. These cards are not reportable under FATCA. There is no automatic reporting of the cards or transactions. Needless to say, in case of a criminal investigation the card company would co-operate fully with the Hong Kong authorities.


Can I apply for more than one card?  –  Yes, the limit is two anonymous CUP cards per individual cardholder.


How can I check my balance and transactions?  –  With your anonymous CUP card number and 6-digit PIN code you have access to a web interface, and a convenient IVR (interactive voice response) customer service number. For the web interface it is best to use Internet Explorer as your browser.


Are Card-to-Card transfers available?  –  This service is currently not supported, but we hope to introduce it in the near future.


Do these cards use Chip-and-PIN technology?  –  The answer is no to the first part, but yes to the second. Our anonymous CUP card does not use chip/EMV technology. However, each transaction is secured with a 6-digit PIN code that is verified online for every transaction.


How is the PIN delivered?  –  The PIN code is printed on the back of the card at the time it is delivered to you inactive. As soon as you receive the card we recommend you immediately change the PIN number for security reasons. The easiest way to do this is by calling the IVR system at the telephone number printed on the back of the card, which will allow you to change your PIN instantly at any time and free of charge.


Can Our anonymous CUP cards be used for contactless payments?  –  Currently, this facility is not available on our cards. We hope to introduce it in the future. At present the card must be swiped for every transaction.


Do you issue cards in currencies other than HKD?  – Up until recently nearly all China UnionPay accounts were operated in Chinese currency. We have worked hard to make available for the first time on the international market pre-paid cards in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD). The HKD is a freely-convertible currency that is traditionally linked very closely to the US dollar so if your base currency in US dollar you need not worry about currency fluctuations. Also remember that China UnionPay is known for the great exchange rates it offers: the mark-up on foreign currency transactions on our anonymous CUP card is only 1.50% compared to a typical currency conversion mark-up of 3.00% for most cards issued in major markets on American-owned card brands.

    That said we are launching HKD cards now but we expect to have UnionPay cards available in USD and EUR by early 2016, possibly sooner. Holders of our existing HKD cards will be offered preferential terms for USD and EUR cards when available.

    An additional advantage of doing business in HKD is this currency is not subject to international reporting systems such as FATCA.


How secure are these cards? What if a card is lost/stolen?  – Prepaid cards are designed to replace cash and should therefore be treated as cash equivalents. They do not offer the same protection as typical credit cards, where cardholders are typically charged for overpriced fraud protection insurance. However, each card has a unique PIN code associated with it. All payments are made through a secure channel. The China UnionPay network is one of the most secure in the world. In the event that a card is lost or stolen it can be blocked, locking the funds on the card immediately, and replaced. Exposure to a loss is limited to the amount of funds that exist on the card at any point in time


When will I receive my card?  –  For applicants in Hong Kong or Macau delivery of your card will be within 2-3 working days. For applicants in mainland China delivery of your card will be within 7-10 working days. For applicants in the rest of the world cards will be delivered by international express courier which takes from 2-7 days depending on your location. A tracking number will be supplied.


Is any interest earned on the prepaid account?  –  There is no interest accrued on the prepaid funds


Do the cards have an expiry date?  – Yes, our anonymous CUP card expires after approximately one year. If the cardholder is actively using the card, a replacement will be offered free of charge. The validity period is printed on the front of the card


What is the minimum balance I have to keep on the card?  –  There is no minimum balance requirement on the our anonymous CUP card.


Can I use my card overseas?  –  You can use your Our anonymous CUP card anywhere in the world where the China UnionPay logo is displayed. Please be aware that although China UnionPay has and is rapidly extending its network, there are still countries and merchants where it is not accepted.


NOW WHAT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR.  Here is how to order. Remember, only Expat World and two associates are able to offer this card through our negotiations with China UNIONPAY card officials. The cost of the card, taking into consideration it anonymity and getting you out of the U.S FACTA banking system is US $150 per card PLUS we must charge a delivery charge for international courier service of US $100.


SPECIAL PRICE: If you order 2 cards at one time, the special price is US $250 for the two, PLUS the US $100 courier fee (total $350). This same deal goes for 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 cards ordered at the same time. Each grouping of 2 cards cost $250. You can order up to 10 cards for the same $100 courier fee.  You might get two for yourself and two for your wife or significant other, two for your son or daughter, etc, etc, etc. but again the charge for only ONE card is US $150 and US $100 is the courier charge for up to 10 cards in the same package.


You can pay on line using PayPal with your Visa, MasterCard or Amex card.  Go to www.PayPal.com and pay account: expatworld2@gmail.com.  Once you have paid, copy and write down the confirmation number. Then you have to send to expatworld2@hushmail.com  ,

attention the ADMIRAL in the subject heading, an email CONTAINING the following 5 things:


  1. The confirmation number from PayPal of your payment and the amount paid
  2. The complete address (no P.O. Boxes) where you want the card(s) sent AND a phone number required by the courier company
  3. A scanned copy of any government issued ID.  – for each individual person
  4. A scanned copy of any utility bill or insurance bill, official looking correspondence, etc., that shows a home address (wherever your home may be. wink, wink.)  You may black out any personal info like account numbers, etc. on the scanned copy. The purpose of this is only to show you have a home address.  --for each individual person
  5. Please provide an email address where we can send the tracking number of the package from the courier company delivering your card(s)


Please use jpeg or pdf format when attaching your scans.


We look forward to helping you get at least some of your money out of the country before your country gets your money out of you.



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