For 20 years now through PATA, the Pan American Travel Association, we have been issuing IDL's or more correctly IDP's - International Driving Permits.  These driving licenses are honored in over 180 countries in all corners of the world including almost all countries in  USA, Europe, Asia,  South, Central America, Australia.


One of the few stipulations of use of an IDL is they cannot be used in the country where they are ISSUED.  Our's are issued from a small remote country in Central America so if you are from anywhere else in the world except this one small country, YOU CAN USE IT in your HOME country plus +180 other countries with legality.


Other way of saying this if you are from the USA and have the AAA issue you an IDL you cannot use it in the USA but can use it in the +180 other countries that honor them. So the best bet is get it issued from anywhere but your home country.


Besides using your IDL for driving legally worldwide, it can be used in many places as identification and other clever uses.


For full details and simple application Click Here


With all the banking regulations in play today it is exceedingly difficult to get an offshore or foreign bank account for anyone but genuine residents in the banking jurisdiction. But luckily, we have a great working relationship with two specialist in the field of getting bank accounts for anyone including Americans.  Expat World calls them our banking men.


These Specialist usually have half a dozen banks with special relationships where by introduction and past business dealings can get good, first line banks to open accounts for their clients.


Here is what we can offer:


1. A BANKING MANUAL that is loaded with banks we know are willing to open new accounts for foreigners.  All the details are included with each bank so you can make your choice and approach them with your storyline.  This is for the do-it -yourselfers.  You can order this from our store at an all inclusive price of USD  $125.


2.  PERSONAL and BUSINESS BANKING. As mentioned, we are able to get accounts in a number of banks in different jurisdictions through our banking specialist.  They all have different requirements and are gotten on a one by one case.  We do not publicize theses banks for  when Big Brother sees this material he is most likely to put pressure on these bank to stop these practices.


So contact EW via our Contact Us page with a general statement of the type of bank you are seeking, whether it is personal or business and possible jurisdiction you might prefer.  We will get back to you with what we can offer. Check out our banking passports info under the "Passports Residency" tab.




EXPAT WORLD HAS DONE IT AGAIN. PROBABLY THE BEST ANONYMOUS BANKING PRODUCT WE HAVE EVER OFFERED – An Anonymous Bank Card BIGGER than Visa or MasterCard and out of the American Big Brother bank network.


We at Expat World are very excited and excited for all our loyal readers,and clients  to be able to offer you this unique product. Only EW and our associate of many years are able to offer this.  We don't believe you can find this offer anywhere else. It's a no-brainer for anyone who wants to get at least some of their money out of the US banking system that has it's tenicles the world over. Consider it an insurance policy and a banking privacy device. No U.S. snoopers tracking what you do with your money. Get one for yourself, one for the wife, one for anyone you want.


 All the details are below, read them quickly and act quickly. Easy ordering details and processing at the end of this article.


We are pleased to offer for the first time internationally our exciting new banking and money transfer product:  Anonymous China UnionPay Cards.


Our new card can be used for cash withdrawals and purchases at merchants in over 142 countries worldwide using the China UnionPay network. You may not have heard of China UnionPay, but it's actually the biggest card network in the world, ahead of Visa and MasterCard.


Although traditionally a local card for the Chinese market, it's international expansion has been impressive to say the least. To give you an example, CUP cards are now accepted in over 90% of ATMs in the USA and are accepted wherever Discover cards are accepted.




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