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We here at Expat World do not sell passports or bank accounts. But being in the expat and international livng business for over 25 years we have made many contacts in the immigration and banking community. We can get you connected to people who can help.

The Most Interesting Readers in the World

Expat World NewsletterAs our readers know from their own life experience, to stay interesting one must always embrace the new, the honest, the ridiculous, and grab life with both hands and choke it until it gives you what you want.
Expat World Newsletter of International living is starting its 26th year of publication. During those 25 past years, the world has changed from a fun place to a rather scary place. The expat fun-and-games of yester-year have become the stuff of nightmares as governments-out-of-control crush all who will not submit. And humanity itself seems to have embraced the macabre as a way of life. And bankrupt governments everywhere are trying to squeeze every cent they can out of everyone and seizing anything they “rightfully” can.

For the New Expat whose mission is not to get ground up and to even prosper during difficult times, this is not a good time for protesting. In many places you can get killed. These times require a different set of rules and a different “kit” for the expat traveler than he’s need up until now.

So EW is re-inventing itself, as all the most interesting periodicals do, into THE meeting place of ideas and travel kit - protect your ass and assets- products for the expat/international living in a Post 9/11 world -- for the new, (PT)Prepared Thoroughly (EW)Earth Wanderer, whose affairs are always in order so that they can deal with any eventuality at a moment’s notice.
EW’s readers deliberately choose not to be victims of “life” wherever they reside and choose not to inflict hurt upon others for their own gain. In short, the New Expat claims sovereignty over himself alone and allows no other to claim otherwise. And he at all times strives to learn the skills and build his tool kit so that he is never caught in the web of society run amuck.
It is to this most interesting readership that EW pledges its next 25 years!


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