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But the cost of doing business has just gone up but so has the deliverability and ease of doing business.


For some 12 years we have been sending clients to a particular lawyer/immigration consultant in Guatemala on immigration/passport issues.  They worked under the laws applicable in Guatemala to get second passports for people who qualified under present law and governmental abilities.


You may not have been aware but there was considerable unrest and turmoil in certain section of the Guatemala government causing a disruption in the ability of  lawyers/immigration consultants to work their magic in doing immigration issues.


Well times have gotten back to normal and we are now working with one other firm who has acquired a reputable new immigration-lawyer front man to acquire the paperwork and complete the process for residency/citizenship/passport for Guatemala.  The total costs including referral/ lawyer/immigration fee/ government processing fee, etc has now increased from the old days but still a great bargain for the quality of documents you will obtain.


For more details and costs involved contact with GUAT in the subject heading.


For 20 years now through PATA, the Pan American Travel Association, we have been issuing IDL's or more correctly IDP's - International Driving Permits.  These driving licenses are honored in over 180 countries in all corners of the world including almost all countries in  USA, Europe, Asia,  South, Central America, Australia.


One of the few stipulations of use of an IDL is they cannot be used in the country where they are ISSUED.  Our's are issued from a small remote country in Central America so if you are from anywhere else in the world except this one small country, YOU CAN USE IT in your HOME country plus +180 other countries with legality.


Other way of saying this if you are from the USA and have the AAA issue you an IDL you cannot use it in the USA but can use it in the +180 other countries that honor them. So the best bet is get it issued from anywhere but your home country.


Besides using your IDL for driving legally worldwide, it can be used in many places as identification and other clever uses.


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