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Through the European office in collaboration with their other worldwide offices they offer a total “hands free property investment,” which means all the responsibilities that go with purchasing a property, managing a property and the renting of the property is all taken care of for you by the management company in the USA and you receive the cash flow (rental yield) each month. If you are considering owning a buy-to-let property or a portfolio of properties then the TSG Europe Ltd “hands free investment service” is for you. We also have lifestyle property that is either under construction or completed in the Southern Florida region.


October 2015 Expat World Newsletter
is now available for our readers.

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Offshore Banking, Ghosting, Banking Passport, FATCA, Bureaucrats, wealth preservation, all from Expat World


Avoid Being Targeted by the Bureau-Rats, Alphabet Agencies, International Banks With Their New Intrusive Reporting Requirements to BIG BROTHER, also lawyers, ex-spouses, disgruntled employees, etc.

We're going to be presumptuous and present an offer to you that no one who wants to preserve their wealth would be without. We promise that you won't waste your time reading this.

INTERNATIONAL BANKING -- As most smart internationally thinking people know and those who want to preserve their wealth also know, the only real way to do this is to keep the above mention bureaucrats, Big Brother, etc from following your money. They can be extremely bothersome and wealth depleting if you give them the chance to follow your money, even if it's honestly earned, post taxed dollars. They have done this, especially the American bureaucrats, in making and in many cases in collusion with the Banks themselves by instituting reporting requirements that make it near impossible for Americans to get their money out of the country before the country gets their money out of them.

There is no need to go into all the benefits of having much of your money and assets in an offshore bank out of the grabbing hands of the bureau-rats in the place you reside. We have covered that ground many times over the almost 30 years we've been in business. All we will say here is that It is one of the few options left especially since most overseas banks now are playing ball with the U.S. and other tax police in identifying US, EU and other citizens who have money in offshore banks.

We recommend our readers to trustworthy dependable firms that can get you an offshore bank account. But we must admit with the FICA reporting requirements it is exceedingly harder and harder to get good accounts that will accept and work with Americans – really the people on this Earth that most need an offshore account to protect their ass and assets. BUT we are happy to report here that we have found a new solution for those who want an offshore bank account and documentation to open other accounts with foreign banks.

If you're interested in protecting your ass and assets read on! If not, we apologize for trying to help and you should move on to the other information found in the November/December 2014 issue of the Expat World newsletter.

With the New Year just around the corner, Santa's helpers have offered up a special “Ghost” program that will successfully get your serious money out of your country before your country gets your money out of you. It is one of the few true options left. In the world of offshore banking for Americans and even Europeans one of the few ways left today to get, keep and operate an offshore account is to become a ghost, which is done by using a banking passport in a ghost or pseudonym name.

With this banking passport it's just a matter of getting your ducks in line and you can keep the money you earned, probably taxes paid on money, out of the hands of those who wish to seize your hard earnings. Join Marley's and his band of friendly Ghosts worldwide while becoming a sovereign individual. For as you know, sending or depositing ANY amount of funds abroad subjects you to much scrutiny and possible investigation.

Some say the ghosting techniques suggested are for those doing naughty things. Santa's helpers say otherwise. The great, great majority of the ghosts are just normal everyday people who have earned their money the hard, honest way and now want to keep it out of the hands of disgruntled employees, ex-spouses, abusers and proctologist like bankers and lawyers.
The rare options left for one to become a ghost is with the use of a banking passport – a passport used for identification and opening of bank accounts in a ghost or pseudonym name. Now Expat World is going to introduce you to the Ghost Package we discovered through an associate of ours. HERE is what your ghost package contains: . . . . . Read More . . .

Expat World is proud to announce that we are letting the whole world READ the current monthly issue of the Expat World newsletter at no cost.

Tell everyone to visit Expat World website at least once a month for them to see the world in a way they've never seen before -- Getting information that their lawyers won't tell them even if they knew.

Come back even more often and read selected back issues.


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Stop The Presses! Offshore Advisors ( has just dropped the price of it’s products from €1,190 to €550 for novelty drivers licenses for almost all European countries and residence card IDs for almost all European countries.   EW has seen scans of the products and they look great. OA also offer novelty diplomas and transcripts.  They can help you parlay your novelty products into a bank account at a decent bank.  These guys are worth contacting.  Tell ‘em Expat World sent you.  If these are things you can use, do we have to tell you to act fast.  As with all novelty products we are required to urge you to use them responsibly.

Good for 4 Years


An International Driving License or Permit is only a translation of your present driver’s license.  It is not a government issued document.  It cannot be used in the same country as your state- or government-issued driver’s license.  However, presenting your government-issued driver’s license in a foreign country is likely not to be accepted.  Especially by rental car companies!!!!!   Both the rental company and a cop who stops you will want to see your International Driving Permit.

EW has them issued under the authority of the Pan-American Auto Travel Association (PATA).  It is good in all countries except Nicaragua.  It comes with a translation of your license details in many languages.  It looks like a passport in size. <<<read more here>>>



If you remember back about a year ago, Expat World introduced you to a Permanent Residency program that was available in Estonia. A few of you took us up on the offer, before the pressure came down on Estonia by the rest of the EU to modify the program so much that it was virtually unusable for the PT, expat. investor or anyone else wanting a PR program. And the program was so reasonable in costs and fees that the people that didn't jump on it are kicking themselves today . Well, it has taken EW another year of looking for a PR program that is available and is reasonable in cost and conditions.

Let me be the first to tell you that EW has been working with some immigration lawyers in Guatemala and they with the immigration authorities to put together an officially sanctioned Permanent Residency program. The program is modest in costs and reasonable in conditions needed to be fulfilled. EW can see it as a God-send for investors or people of high modest means in China, Indonesia, Korea or anyone from anywhere with a real need.

I will give you the thumb nail sketch of costs and conditions. If you are interested contact EW at . We will get back to you and see if we can help you.

Here are the thumbnail details:

  • G residency program, 100% valid and legal. Investors, entrepreneurs, well-to-do welcomed by the government. * We can do ANY nationality but we know through research that there is a big demand in ASIA. (China, Indonesia, Korea)
  • The person who receives PR must enter Guatemala one time a year to keep the residency valid.
  • The client is able to apply for a Guatemala Passport after 5 years of PR.
  • Applicants have to come the first time for one or two weeks to file the application, then they may leave and after 6 months, the government will issue the PR papers.
  • Some nationalities like the Chinese as an example need an investor visa. The law firm will handle those needing special visas. The attorney we are using has vast experience in assisting people in immigration and PR work in Guatemala and Central America.
  • In a few words, the client will have to open a corporation in Guatemala

Each individual applicant or family head will need to invest for one year, at least, US $50,000 in Guatemala, meaning they will have to open a bank account in the name of their new Guatemala corporation and that deposit must remain there for one year. Of course, after the residency is granted, they can withdraw that money. They will have to visit Guatemala once a year in order to keep the residency or after 5 years apply for a passport.  Of course, withdrawing the money after one year gives them a great opportunity to look for other opportunities in Guatemala or the rest of Central America. After 5 years of residency they may apply for a Guatemala Passport if they want.

In addition to the 50K deposited into the client's corporation bank account the following fees and charges are applicable:


  • Corporation: 6k.
  • An annual maintenance fee of 1.2k for the corporation
  • First-visit-visacost-4k
  • Full residency process in Guatemala: 22k

After getting residency the client may want some legal “financial services” to keep the corporations 'bananas' safe from invaders in their homeland. Our lawyers can help with that. Once their corporation is set up there are numerous ways to transfer profits off the radar. EW is told that the Guatemala government has a particular liking for Chinese investors.

Again if you have the means and want to take advantage of this great opportunity email with PR in the subject heading and attention Gene in the body of the email and we will see what we can do for you



One of the biggest problems our readers have these days is opening bank accounts. Plain vanilla personal accounts are hard enough, especially for citizens of certain countries, while opening an account for your offshore corporate structure like a trust or company has become nigh on impossible.

Fortunately, EW has a (relatively) painless solution for you!

A guy we've known for years, who specializes in opening bank accounts all around the world, isPeter Macfarlane. We can confidently say, if Peter can't get a bank account open for you, nobody can!

If you need an offshore bank account now, or you simply have an interest in protecting your assets through international diversification, it's well worth reading this year's edition of his eagerly-awaited annual publication The Practical Offshore Banking Guide. Here at EW, we've given it a nickname: “Peter's Guide.” Peter's Guide to us is the bible of offshore banking today. This is where we look when we ourselves or one of our clients needs an offshore bank account pronto!

Peter's Guide runs to nearly fifty pages and includes not just advice for contacting and dealing with banks - but also recently-updated contact information for individuals within a number of carefully selected offshore banks and brokerages. There's ample information on anonymous credit and debit cards that you can use to access your offshore cass with a load of other benefits such as the Second Passport Report, also by Peter Macfarlane.h stash, or to make low profile purchases on the internet without having to give your real name.

Peter's Guide will give you the inside track so you know exactly who to contact and what to say. Let's say, for example, you're an American citizen – with Peter's Guide you won't find yourself wasting time contacting banks that don't deal with Americans. If you want to open an account by mail, you'll find the info here. If you want to open an account in person, it will tell you exactly which branches of certain banks to go to, so you don't waste your time trekking from bank to bank.

The Practical Offshore Banking Guide is actually free of charge, but you do have to be a member of Q Wealth Report to get hold of a copy. Q Wealth membership costs just $97, and also come


But what if you need a bank account – fast – and need a guaranteed solution? There is another option – and that is to have Peter and his team personally hold your hand through the process.

This is a special deal we personally negotiated with Peter for EW readers. It's not offered on his website, not to the general public... only to EW readers. We asked Peter, “Hey, Peter, we know you are the man who can fix bank accounts. We have readers in desperate need of opening bank accounts who are sick of being rejected or having their accounts closed. What can you do to help?”

Frankly, Peter was not too keen at the beginning. Opening accounts is a lot of work and he's really more interested in helping clients who also set up entire corporate structures through him. After some negotiation, however, we put together a deal with Peter specially for EW readers.

Peter personally guarantees you will get a bank account opened in a decent offshore bank, no matter what your circumstances, credit history etc. It's a “no win no fee” deal. The success fee? $1000. Simple, no BS.

Let's be clear, opening bank accounts is a lot of work and you have to be reasonable. You can't just walk in and tell Peter you want a bank account in, say, HSBC and you don't have any ID documents. The very minimum you'll need is a valid passport, and it will open up a lot more options if you have a second ID, a proof of address and a bank reference. You should also present some documents about where the money came from, if it's a larger amount – for example a real estate contract, inheritance, business contracts, employment, investment payout etc.

However, Peter will work with what you've got. If all you've got is a passport copy, Peter will still get an account opened for you if he can.

You need to be prepared to pay the $1,000 up-front. Peter and his team do not have time to answer numerous questions, get bank pre-approvals etc only to have clients pull out at the last minute, and unfortunately they've been burned too many times in this way before. So it's money up-front or you can't take advantage of this special EW deal... and without the deal, Peter's normal fees are a lot higher, believe us!

However – if Peter can't help you, he'll be upfront and just refund the $1000 immediately. We've known him for years and we trust him 100% on this. Likewise, in the extremely unlikely event that Peter tries to get you a bank account and you are rejected by the bank, Peter will refund the fee in full. However, if he can get you your offshore bank account, but you change your mind, don't follow through, don't sign the forms, or whatever... the $1000 is non-refundable as Peter has kept his side of the deal. Sounds fair to us....?

Along with your payment, you'll need to send scans of your ID documents and company documents if relevant (yes, this service is also available for company or trust accounts!!!) and provide some brief details about the kind of banking services you need. For example, what currencies you want to do business in, whether you need a bank with credit cards or merchant facilities, things like that.

Peter or one of his associates will then get back to you within 24-48 hours with a pre-approval from a bank. Procedures vary a little depending on the bank, but in most cases they will email you in pdf format the banking documents that you'll need to sign. You'll probably need to courier hard copies, you'll need to have your passport certified by a notary.

How to make contact with Peter? Send an email to and be sure to write in the subject line “EW Special Deal.” One of Peter's assistants will get back to you promptly with payment information and will get the communications process started!


What Expat World Knows and What is Available.

Expat World made that headline statement which most of our readers will understand completely, but for those of you new to EW, let me give you an in the nutshell synopsis. The passport is a document familiar to every traveler for travel to different lands has evolved now-a-days to a document used more like a nazi tattoo on the arm of it’s Jewish concentration camp prisoners. This use of a passport as a weapon for ID and tracking of personal and financial data of its citizenry. It is particularly abused by the BIG BROTHER governments of the world.

The passport was originally a document issued by a national government to certify the identity of the holder for the purpose of international travel, but how long have these documents been issued to the weary traveler?

It seems that the true origin of the passport is found in early references to passport being made in the medieval era, and attributed to the time of the Persian Empire around 450BC. It is said that Nehemiah, an official serving King Artaxerxes of Persia, asked to leave the Kingdom and travel to Judea. On this request the King granted him a letter requesting safe passage, as he traveled through the lands beyond the Euphrates.

The Passport Enters The Middle Ages -- In the medieval Islamic world, a formal document would also be issued to those citizens whom were loyal citizens and had paid their taxes. This document would then entitle the holder to travel throughout different regions of the caliphate.
Throughout the middle ages, it seems that identity documents were not required by the sea faring traveler’s upon reaching a foreign port. Although as soon as anyone set foot outside the port, a formal document of some sort (i.e. passport) was required.

King Henry the 5th of England has been given credit to the creation of the modern passport. This document is now the earliest surviving reference to what we all consider to be a passport, and used in the same context as it was in the modern world until the terrorist events of 911 in America that started the degradation of freedom in America and the Western World.

After a sitting of the parliament, it was made law that these documents could be issued to anyone, no matter who he or she was (foreign nationals would even be issued theirs free of charge). Of course the Monarch himself at that time did not require such a document as is true today as far as we can research. Queen Elizabeth does not have or need a passport since the passport is given in her name. But the President of the USA does. Barack Obama has a legal valid one presently. We’ve seen the copy of one issued to him in 1961 and it does show
him BORN IN AMERICA contrary to what the Tea-Party bozos and some of the Fox News talk show hosts opine.

The earliest use of the term, ‘Passport’ dates back to the regime of King Louis XIV of France , but there is no certainty to it’s exact meaning. Many have subscribed to the idea (myself included), that the term is derived from two French words and relates to the passing through city gates or walls (or possibly sea fearing ports).

The Standardization of The Passport -- Although in use, the passport was not commonly required in Continental Europe leading into World War 1. In fact the document was being used less and less during this period. People were free to cross borders in most of continental Europe without the use of a passport. It was the beginning of the ‘Great War’ (WWI) that symbolized the requirement of an identity document across the worlds borders and shores. This steered the passport on a course towards it’s current use for travel. The advent of photography saw the use of photographs in passports in the early decades of the twentieth century. Before the days of photograph’s in ones passport, a complete list of facial features was included in the document. Describing the shape of face, complexion, color of eyes, size of nose, color of hair and so on. Could you imagine this going on in today’s politically correct world? --

Following the Great War, the ‘League of Nations’ held a series of conferences in the 1920’s that would lay down further guidelines for the roll-out of passports to all global citizens wanting to travel internationally.

Throughout the middle to late 20th century there was still no formal and absolute guidelines on the control of the document. Until the year of 1980, where the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Authority) took control of the document. This agency (a specialized branch stemming from the United Nations) has outlaid the requirements and specifications for the standardization of the document until this day. -- In the modern era, we have seen the passport continue it’s evolution in fits and spurts over the last 100 years. It’s morphing from a simple mainly hand written booklet into the modern and complex design of the e-Passport. The modern passport looks not much different that it did 20 or 30 years ago except hidden in it’s covers is a biometric data chip, and more, that invades the privacy of the holder and makes tracking him exceedingly easy taken agencies like the National Security Agency of the US Government.

It appears the world we currently live in has seen governments around the world push the security of this little document even further, and the roll-out of the e-Passport standard throughout the world is beginning to reach far and wide. Watch out though, as big brother is watching, and there are plans to embed a monumental amount of data into the microchip in the e-Passport. The limited information currently embedded into the chip is just the beginning. The complexity of this document will continue to evolve. After the events of September the 11th, 2001, world governments will slowly push the boundaries of what many consider to be civil liberties of an individual.

We’ve moved from seals and signatures to holograms and microchips. As the technology surrounding the passport continues to grow. Who knows, that day may come where we all have that dreaded microchip implanted in our bodies, with no real need to carry a passport.That has been predicted in science fiction for many years and seems to becoming to reality! (See MicroChip testing on US Soldiers)


As you all know or anyone who has checked out Expat World knows, EXPAT WORLD DOES NOT SELL PASSPORTS. What we do is sort out immigration consultants, lawyers, government representatives around the world in many countries where it is still relatively easy to get a second nationality/second passport by some scheme or program the government has set up. Be it economic citizenships, birthright citizenships, more residents of value needed, etc, etc., EW has sought this out for our readers. We have found and only recommend those which we have determined to have been and still are, in our opinion, honest and reliable meaning you will get the service and ultimately the documents you have requested.

With that said, we have been busy at Expat World and are now going to reveal to you our list of countries where we can have obtained for you, through our extensive new network, either a resident permit, or a citizenship/passport. We will only reveal the details of how, fees involved, time period etc. directly to you when you get back to us on a one on one basis. We asked you to email us initially at either of these two email addresses: or

– PUT “NEW PARACHUTES” in the subject heading of your email --AND PLEASE be selective from the choices offered as if you are serious not just searching endlessly. Wannabes and time wasters need not apply.

Before we give you the list, just let me mention a tried and true program that has been running over 10 years now has recently been revamped and is even better in our opinion for the final documentation is bullet proof. Ask for the G-program when requesting Information.


1. THE G program. Long running, best value for fees anywhere!
2. Mexico
3. Venezuela
4. Paraguay
5. Hungary (EU)
6. Commonwealth of Dominica
7. Saint Kitts and Nevis
8. Antigua and Barbuda
9. Dominican Republic
10. Dominican Republic (Quick Step: 1-2 days per visit).
11. Cyprus (EU)
12. 12.Cambodia

THAT’S ALL FOLKS -- Waiting on your emails.


Expat World has now found a way to make available to you various country retirement reports, seminars on Living and Investing Overseas, tips and the best areas for buying real estate overseas. There is also a slew of free reports on the many different aspects of international living, plus other very interesting international tidbits.

We have linked with an affiliate to give you access to even more material than Expat World could deliver in-house.


THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!!! - Expat World has found for you a bunch of fun stuff. And it's good for what ails you whether it's a new interest, new hobby, hard to find “How To's, moneymaking ideas. From sex to lock picking and most points in between. <<CLICK HERE>> or use the link on the left.

Free-Mans rant

Free-Man's Rant

Paul Rosenberg is considered by some critics to be the new Ayn Rand — starting with his seminal work A Lodging of Wayfaring Men. It’s setting is the “new world” that is our world right now. You can find his many books at Paul speaks often at freedom fests around the world and is one of the more thoughtful and articulate advocates of a way of life that just “by-passes” government. To read a past issue of Free Man’s Perspective or to order,

In my work, I need to make clear presentations of carefully supported opinions. But all of us – including me – need to unwind and gripe to our friends once in a while.

As it happens, quite a few EW readers are guys with whom I’ve had drinks and umm... informal conversations. And, quite a few of these conversations took place at establishments that advertise in EW. So, I’m going to consider EW subscribers my wider circle of friends and rant a bit., Pull up a chair, pour yourself a Margarita, and dive in.

Tonight I had a little bit of free time for myself. My work was more or less done for the day, I had the house to myself, and I decided that it would be a nice thing to sit down and watch something that was both entertaining and edifying. I wanted like to watch something that made me feel good and that encouraged me to do better and climb higher... that make me feel that productivity and growth are exciting and rewarding. Something that would add to me, not merely distract me.
I do have some things like that on my shelf, of course, but I wanted something new... and I kept drawing a blank as to what that might be.

Watching men reach toward the moon in the 60s was the most exciting thing I’ve ever watched on any kind of screen, but that was a long time ago.
I used to read Atlas Shrugged when I had to work late, because it was the only thing I had that encouraged me to create and produce. I have the DVD now, but the law of diminishing returns kicks in at some point.

At one time, Star Trek encouraged me, made me think about new things, and left me feeling good. But, that was quite some time ago. Firefly did the same sort of things for me, but its plug was pulled just as it hit its stride.

The Matrix is a superb allegory, but the “super-amazing” special effects leave me cold. “V” For Vendetta was great, but how many times can I watch it in a row?

There are some others, but my comments would be about the same.

I can find lots of movies that show me explosions and sexy babes. If I were 15 again, perhaps that would excite me.. but I’m not 15, I’m glad I’m not, and I have no residual desire to act like a teenager. I’m not going to laugh at stupid, vulgar humor in an effort to prove that I’m still young.

I don’t want stupidity, swear words and special effects – I want something that does more than “grab eyeballs;” I want entertainment that also encourages me and contributes something to my soul.
It would be really nice if we had some new entertainment that wasn’t made for lowest-common-denominator pre-teens. There are good screenplays ready to be filmed; it’s just that Hollywood has monopolized nearly all film making and is addicted to the production of shlock.

Okay, a good film does come along every now and them, but for each of those there are scores like Snakes On A Plane or Hangover 2. Woo hoo.

Film is a wild business, I know, but you’d think that with all the modern technologies, some good movies and shows could be made for a reasonable price. Hell, half the stuff on YouTube is made in someone’s living room or dorm room.

Someone really should look into this. That, I’d drink to... and throw money at! -- PR

Paul Rosenberg is considered by some critics to be the new Ayn Rand -- starting with his seminal work A Lodging of Wayfaring Men. It’s setting is the “new world” that is our world right now. You can find his many books at Paul speaks often at freedom fests around the world and is one of the more thoughtful and articulate advocates of a way of life that just “by-passes” government. To read a past issue of Free Man’s Perspective or to order, visit

The Most Interesting Readers in the World

Expat World NewsletterAs our readers know from their own life experience, to stay interesting one must always embrace the new, the honest, the ridiculous, and grab life with both hands and choke it until it gives you what you want.
Expat World Newsletter of International living is starting its 26th year of publication. During those 25 past years, the world has changed from a fun place to a rather scary place. The expat fun-and-games of yester-year have become the stuff of nightmares as governments-out-of-control crush all who will not submit. And humanity itself seems to have embraced the macabre as a way of life. And bankrupt governments everywhere are trying to squeeze every cent they can out of everyone and seizing anything they “rightfully” can.

For the New Expat whose mission is not to get ground up and to even prosper during difficult times, this is not a good time for protesting. In many places you can get killed. These times require a different set of rules and a different “kit” for the expat traveler than he’s need up until now.

So EW is re-inventing itself, as all the most interesting periodicals do, into THE meeting place of ideas and travel kit - protect your ass and assets- products for the expat/international living in a Post 9/11 world -- for the new, (PT)Prepared Thoroughly (EW)Earth Wanderer, whose affairs are always in order so that they can deal with any eventuality at a moment’s notice.

EW’s readers deliberately choose not to be victims of “life” wherever they reside and choose not to inflict hurt upon others for their own gain. In short, the New Expat claims sovereignty over himself alone and allows no other to claim otherwise. And he at all times strives to learn the skills and build his tool kit so that he is never caught in the web of society run amuck.

It is to this most interesting readership that EW pledges its next 25 years!




As the internet has evolved, so has evolved the ability of thieves to steal from you by making use of it and for governments to track you despite you engaging in lawful behavior or to keep you from seeking help or asylum -- whenever “they” want to.

All of you have read about the governments of Middle Eastern countries or China from shutting their populace out from sending messages or getting news is true. We have also heard that the same countries – and others – use forensic techniques to track messages or browsing to the users and imprison or kill them for doing and saying things that are permitted in other, better, countries.

The U.S. and UK (and more sophisticated countries) have a more interesting technique. They literally capture the content of all email, all browsing histories, all cell phone calls – especially international ones. They just save this and let the robots sniff it and sift it and sort it and mostly use it to support ongoing investigations and occasionally to start an investigation.

So whether it’s China for alleged political crimes or the U.S. for alleged financial crimes or political crimes, someone’s door usually gets kicked in and a lot of your stuff, computer included, followed shortly by other property, gets confiscated. More often than not, you never see your stuff again.

The way around this in the past was to use “anonymizers” that rid the system of the address of your starting place. They were cumbersome and slow. Some of these were free, run by local university hackers; some charged a fee. And for the most part they worked. The problem was they existed in one fixed location. As soon as the snoops learned how to spy from both sides of that location (a long time ago now), they ceased to serve their purpose. They also were very susceptible to brute force inquiries from law enforcement personnel and didn’t have lawyers or compliant rules for law enforcement agencies to follow in order to get information. While better than nothing, they were neither strong nor very secure.

And if all this weren’t bad enough, the news in the last few days about China bombasting targets on the internet with massive hacker attacks supplied more fuel to the fire. Now, it’s unlikely, unless you’re in China, that you personally are going to come under cyber attack. But, as government sponsored hacking cuts through barriers, they just mind find your stuff.

Enter a professional “virtual privacy network -- VPN” called to solve all these problems at a very affordable price. And they are offering to EW readers, a free, one-week, trial account so use our special link below to contact them. It’s definitely worth listening to the short pitch.

CRYPTOHIPPIE has been in business for six years. Its servers are under contract in several continents and uses multiple hops for all of your data. It also uses disappearing encryption keys, traffic crowding, erased IP addresses, and more.

The final server that an incoming system sees is always from a first world country: Usually Germany or the Netherlands. So there is never a question of being “blacklisted” by putting a server in the wrong country.

Using an encrypted VPN service means that anything “they” find is useless to them because they can’t read it. You’d think all communications would use this, but . . . they don’t.

So here’s how it works. You download and run two small pieces of software after you pay. Once you turn it on, your computer will NOT go onto the internet unless the software is authenticated. That means you will no longer be surfing the web naked. Of course, you can disconnect it in a couple of clicks if you want your real (local) internet address to show up for some reason.

You are always connected to the web via highly encrypted connections. Everything coming and going down the pipeline to and from your computer is encrypted. This gives any snoopers little, read no, information. It also NEVER reveals your true location via your local internet service provider. No one -- from the moment you use cryptohippie -- has any idea of where you are, who you are, or what you are saying! It doesn’t get better than that.

There is also a real reason to use this kind of service – besides the “paranoia” one. If you travel and drop into an internet café in Russia or Colombia in order to check your bank balance online, they may refuse to give any information because Russia or Colombia is a country that is rife with internet hackers and the internet service addresses are often blocked by non-Russian/Colombian countries – meaning you cannot contact your bank simply because of the country you’re trying to access your account from. Any of you who travel a lot will know what I’m talking about. And even if they let you access your balance, just try to make a wire transfer from a blacklisted country.

Your communications are transferred through multiple servers in multiple countries dedicated to this task but the whole process takes only a few milliseconds. And the addresses rotate to prevent anyone from monitoring your traffic. Your traffic remains encrypted as it works its way through the system until it emerges on the far side into an unencrypted system – your mom’s email account, for instance.
There’s another wonderful plus to the service. Most of you have heard of VoIP – voice over internet protocol. It uses bandwidth from your computer to turn it in to a telephone. Skype or MagicJack and others offer these services. It’s practically free to make international calls. The downside is that VoIP communication has no ‘anti-wire tapping’ legislation to prevent anyone from hacking into and listening to your calls. While free, it is one of the most insecure communications methods for anyone to use.

Now for the REALLY good news about cryptohippie. Remember when you use crytohippie VPN that ALL outgoing data from your computer is encrypted? Well, so is the phone call! That means that no one can snoop on what YOU say -- though they can snoop on what your recipient hears (unless THEY use crytohippie, too, and they no one ever hears anything – hint, hint!) AND, they cannot track the source of the call you make back to wherever in the world you are! While not a perfect solution to worry-free voice communication, it lets you talk to your mom without anyone knowing from where the call originated. This is a big deal for those of you on the move.

(This encrypted feature will not work for VoIP calls like Vonage that bypass your computer and connect directly to your internet modem. To work with encryption and/or secrecy of origination, the calls must initiate through your computer – and thus your secret software.)
Since Expat World tells you the truth, for the moment, Skype VIDEO has a secure end-to-end encrypted system (though there are rumored backdoors). But the problem with Skype is that you’ve got to catch the other person at their computer – when it’s a lot easier to catch them at their phone. So many of us use phones to let someone know to go to their computer for a Skype session. NOW you can use the VPN protected outgoing phone call to notify the person you want to talk to expect a Skype call. And no one can know where your VoIP phone call originated.

But there’s MORE really good news for you and your friends. The cryptohippie group started a secret service for its own technicians that they have now agreed to open to EW customers: sign up for an email account through them (free once you’re a member) and then download some free software to your browser and set up some stuff via a nice video installation instruction, and NOW your emails stay encrypted from when then leave YOUR computer to when they get to the computer of any other cryptohippie user. Not only will no one be able to read your messages, but no one will even know you communicated! There is no encrypting or decrypting for you to do. It’s seamless. As soon as your member friend gets your email, decrypted on his own computer, it’s erased from the cryptohippie system and gone forever. (Or, you can store your mail on cryptohippie’s secure sever if you like – in its encrypted state – up to 1GB) -- that way your computer has nothing on it to cause you problems AND there is no record of where it’s stored or even the IP address of the storage device.)

We all know there’s hushmail. And it’s a good service and recommended. It’s got a couple of issues. One, although it is FREE, it’s free only if you use it lot. If you forget to check it for three weeks? It’s dead and all your messages are locked until you pay (or deleted if you don’t pay.) Two, every time you want to check hushmail you’ve got to log in and it takes a few minutes and you never know if you have messages or not until you’ve wasted five minutes.

With the cryptohippie system, emails just show up, decrypted, in your own email inbox, -- but with you knowing that not another person in the world for the next 1000 years is going to be reading them during their journey to your computer.

Your challenge is to get all your expat pals to sign up through the EW link so you can share your thoughts in total privacy (and they get the free trial, too, like you did.)

But cryptohippie just gets better and better . Imagine that everything you say to another cryptohippie member is wrapped in a kryptonite cocoon that no one can see inside. That is exactly what is happening PLUS everything inside the cocoon is encrypted to very high standards PLUS the whole thing is invisible to anyone wanting a look-see. That means that when you use Skype video inside the cryptohippie cocoon, all the backdoor security issues with Skype are meaningless because no one even knows you’re using Skype let alone what you’re saying. If the person on the other end of the VoIP phone call is also a cryptohippie member? Then the cocoon makes it invisible on the outside and the encryption makes it impenetrable on the inside.

The sniffer robots can get confused. So can people. An innocuous piece of browsing can bring the wrath of God upon you. You mention too many of the wrong words? BAM. You visit the wrong website? BAM. Use the wrong words in a phone call? BAM! (All international calls are recorded and computer analyzed.) Now that doesn’t mean someone is necessarily kicking in your door tomorrow. But anything anyone can read or see creates what lawyers call “probable cause” for law enforcement agencies to get a search warrant or an okie-dokie for a “sneak and peek” visit to your place so you never know they were there and plant info-capture devices on your computer. You do NOT want to create probable cause that lets someone look around your digital world and, then, your real world.

Here’s why privacy is so important in the post 9/11 world.

Why? Because if someone wants to, they can take data on your computer and basically make the Pope look like anything they want him to look like. They get to edit the video tape of your life. (Including all the times you were pissed-off, or depressed, or...who knows). The trick is never to give anyone “probable cause” to have a look-see.

That’s why you want CRYPTOHIPPIE - VPN. In a post 9/11 world, this is the best insurance anyone can buy. And it’s cheap! $275 / year!

Come with a guarantee? Absolutely. Drop the company an email anytime you want to quit. They confirm that it’s YOU asking, and then they will refund any unused portion of your yearly payment. Can’t be any fairer than that.

Plus, as an EW reader, you can have a FREE one-week trial. If you don't like it, don't pay. (A note about the free trial. It’s got a choke on bandwidth. Great for browsing and emails. But it won’t get you twenty minutes into a porno movie download before you’ve used up your free trial.)

The post 9/11 world is a no-nonsense world with governments at the top of their form. EW abhors the use of the internet for anything that can harm someone so don’t try to play games with cryptohippie. But EW supports all means of communication that supports free speech even though free speech is an endangered species because some governments unlawfully use it to harm people.

Cryptohippie VPN is a way for you to protect your freedom and help your friends protect theirs.
It’s the first step to embracing the new rules of a Post 9/11 world. Unless you’re using a profession grade VPN service, you’ve failed the exam.

Note: is a U.S. site used for processing orders. The company itself is located in Panama with servers all over the world. Don’t worry about the U.S. Nexus.

LET'S ALL BE CRYPTOHIPPIES and tell the Big Brother snoopers good-by. Sign up today or at least give the trial period a go.

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